Viva Las Vegas – Day 2

There’s no sleep in Sin City, that’s for sure. Between going to bed LATE Vegas time and waking up early east coast time, we didn’t get much sleep. However, we were thrilled to get day two in Las Vegas started with some fun.

Our first stop was The Neon Museum, a graveyard of all the great Old Las Vegas signs. We had a wonderful time looking around at all the old signs and learning their history. I also have a whole post dedicated to The Neon Museum Experience, so I won’t spill TOO many of the details here.

the neon museum las vegas

After hitting up The Neon Museum, we decided to go check out Old Las Vegas/Fremont Street. The Fremont street experience is totally unique. It’s so much outside of the strip that it feels like it’s own version of the strip, just slightly more “vintage”. We grabbed drinks at a hotel I assume was only named after my own hearts desire, The D. Before walking right into Fremont East. Fremont East feels like where most locals go when they want to go out. There’s really cool dive bars and the prices are MUCH better than they are on the strip. There’s cool vintage signs everywhere, and everyone walking around just has that certain cool AF vibe.

the d las vegas

fremont east las vegas

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We ate lunch inside The Golden Nugget at The Paradise Buffet. This was an experience all in it’s own. While I can’t say that the food was amazing (it tasted pretty cheap, because it was pretty cheap), the way the restaurant is set up and all the gorgeous attention to detail in this Chinese Garden style cafe was worth the scavenge for decent grub. I felt like a princess in my pink plush booth, surrounded by ornate light fixtures and wonderful topiaries, definitely come for breakfast if you can – I’m sure their french toast is better than their lasagna and you’ll love being in the atmosphere this buffet offers.

paradise buffet old las vegas

paradise buffet las vegas


After lunch we went to the room to rest for a bit, then changed clothes and headed to Caesar’s Palace. Both Jawny and I had drink campaigns to shoot for there, and James was at the Black Jack table with a co-worker so it all worked out perfectly to spend the afternoon checking out the hotel part. After some casino exploration, Jawny and I stepped inside the Venus pool, on accident actually we were just trying to find a bar, and we walked into this 21+ area thinking it was like a club at the pool and then all of a sudden titties were out EVERYWHERE. While I am all about the free spirit lifestyle, I wasn’t in a mental state to pull my DD’s out at that point so we quickly got some God’s Mimosa’s from the bar and explored OUTSIDE the closed curtain. The pool at Caesar’s is truly unlike anything I have ever seen or experienced before in my entire life. The numerous statues, fountains and sculptures all in true Greco-Roman style where just magnificent to behold in person. Walking into the Garden of the God’s Oasis I felt really overwhelmed with the excitement and stunning amenities. Maybe it was the $30 perfect mimosa talking, but I honestly think I could just live my life at that pool area and be a content AF individual.


the gods mimosa ceasar's palace

garden of the gods oasis caesar's palace las vegas

garden of the gods oasis caesar's palace las vegas

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Since I was stupid and didn’t wear my bathing suit to Caesar’s pool, we headed back to The Palms and hit up their rooftop pool for a bit before changing clothes to have dinner at the AYCE buffet and going out for the evening. Our first stop that night was the Bellagio. I HAD to watch the fountains, which play a new song ever half hour. We missed the first one so we walked inside to check out the current conservatory art installation and grabbing a fancy drink at the bar.

bellagio las vegas

After a certain point, Vegas just seems like a bunch of the same stuff with a different theme surrounding it, but it’s still to go check out the different themes to each piece of real estate out there. We hit up The Cosmopolitan to have a drink at the ultra swanky Chandelier, took in the sights of the bright neon lights of the strip, then finally got prime viewing space for a wonderful fountain show at the Bellagio.

paris las vegas at night

The days and nights are long out in Vegas, so after the show we headed back to Fremont East to check out some of the hipper and cheaper night life. Our first stop was Commonwealth, a very Euro style pub with live music and a rooftop deck. While we sipped on cocktails we plotted our next stop, and decided on Beauty Bar. Beauty Bar was probably my favorite bar. It legit looked like a beauty salon inside, but instead of hair styling tools at every station, there were rows and rows of every liquor you could think of. They had some live hardcore music, which was a suprise given the very girly decor, but I was into it. I was beat after Beauty Bar since waking up at 7am, so we went back to the hotel for room service and bed right after so we could make the most of our final day in Vegas.

paris las vegas at night

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