Vegas, Baby! – Day 3

For our 3rd and final day in Vegas we had to take in ALL the remaining things on our to-do list. The first being seeing the Vegas sign. It’s definitely a must-do, but my recommendation is to go as early as you possibly can because the line to get photos gets really big, really fast. Thankfully being that we never really adjusted to West Coast time, we woke up relatively earlier than the rest of the city and were able to make it to the sign and only have to wait in line for about 10 minutes.

If there are things you have to skip to fit in more things on your trip, the Welcome to Vegas sign is something I’d save for next time. You’re literally just going up there to quickly take a photo and then head back down the strip, so it’s not anything CRAZY spectacular, UNLESS you get lucky like we did when we went. There was an actual real life Vegas wedding happening with an Elvis impersonator as the officient to the left of the sign, so while we waited for our pics we got to see a wedding, that was really neat and made the wait seem like nothing.

After the sign, we walked James around Old Las Vegas & then hit up The Venetian. While we considered going for a gondola ride, we decided to skip on that to have more time to walk around the stunning shopping center inside the Venetian, where we could observe other tourists get their rides. I had heard tale of the amazing shopping experiences in Las Vegas before I went, but truly they have some of the most beautiful retail therapy experiences I’ve ever seen in my life. The Venetian has a river running through it for the gondola’s and everything. It was like a small Italian escape from reality.

After lunch at The Venetian, Jawny was ready for a nap, so we went back to the Palms for a little siesta. While Jawny napped, James and I took in some sights at The Paris Hotel. It was sooo cute on the inside and the outside was spectacular as well. I love a good theme and this hotel’s theme was executed perfectly. Even the restrooms were detailed with French accents and paintings.

We stayed around the Palms for the remainder of the evening. Had to rest up for travel the next day, but that’s when I learned: YOU DRINK FOR FREE IF YOU’RE GAMBLING. Like Jawny and I had just been drinking at various places all weekend long and paying for our drinks. While at the Palms bar on our very last day, I put a $20 in the Black Jack game on the bar, then when I went to cash out at the bar, the bartender said “You don’t pay for drinks if you’re gambling.” LIKE WHAT, MIND BLOWN. Ladies and Gents when you go to Vegas always gamble because I would have saved sooo much money had I known this from the get-go!

All in all Vegas was an awesome experience. We were able to fit in so many things in our trip and really made the most out of each drunken day. I can’t wait to go back. Next time I go though, I really want to stay in Cesar’s Palace. Of all the casino/hotels we checked out, Cesar’s was by far the most detailed and funnest looking.

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