Vegas, Baby! Day 1

Vegas, Baby! Day 1

Literally just got home from Vegas yesterday morning at 1am, so I’m trying to get all these posts written before my short term memory completely escapes me. Our flight left Florida at 6am and because I haven’t done my TSA pre-check and am the most paranoid traveler (time wise), we left my house for the airport at 3am. While the early flight was so awful to wake up for, we were able to get to Vegas at 8:30 am their time, so we had the whole day ahead of us which was perfect, losing a day in travel when going across time zones is the WORST. PSA: NEVER FLY FRONTIER IT’S THE WORST!

checking in at the palms in vegas

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After checking into The Palms (which is absolutely STUNNING since their remodel), we started the day right at their AYCE breakfast buffet, which was really inexpensive with  high quality options like eggs benedict, and gourmet french toast. Had to get the party started since we WERE in Vegas after all, and I was so surprised to find that their Mimosas at the buffet were NOT watered down and ONLY $7! After breakfast I ran across the street to Apothecary, a legal recreational weed dispensary and picked up some Vegas party supplies. Jawny, my very best friend, and I threw back some edibles, changed clothes, then hopped in an Uber to check out The Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace. This was unlike any shopping center I have ever seen. So many high-end luxury shops inside a gorgeous Grecian Promenade. The ceilings were painted like a gorgeous sunset, and there were beautiful architectural details as well as stunning fountains and sculptures everywhere your eye turned. This is definitely a Vegas MUST, especially if shopping is your cardio, I could have shopped in there for an entire day if my bank account would have allowed it. We had the most delicious Gelato EVER before heading back to the hotel for a cat nap.

cute scooter at the forum shops at caesar's palace

gorgeous statutes at the forum shops at caesar's palace

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Jawny and I at the Forum shops at Caesar's Palace

amazing gelato from the forum shops center court in caesar's palace

After a good power nap, we started to get ready for an event we were invited to at APEX night club. The event was open bar, and full of some really awesome professionals in the mortgage industry. See, most people at The Palms that week were there for Masterminds, a mortgage industry conference. It was really cool to meet some of James’ work people, and socialize with a completely different crowd. The mortgage industry is real different from the blogging world, but they sure know how to put on one hell of an event!

ready for an event at Apex lounge at the palms in vegas

kate spade palm tree earrings perfect for a night at the palms in vegas

best friends

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Since I was already all decked out in some cocktail hour attire, we decided to cap off our evening visiting Camden Cocktail Lounge in the lobby of The Palms. This lounge was SO nice, they had high end artwork hanging on almost every wall, and the intimate lighting and soft, plush seating areas really made this bar worth the $16 per drink fine. I felt SO FANCY sitting there with my glass of champagne checking out Andy Warhol originals.

camden lounge the palms vegas


I ended the night with some cheaper champagne, some late night cravings from Lucky Penny (The Palms delicious 24 hr eatery) and in my room safe & sound. Vegas day one was SUCH a blast! Check for Day 2 soon!