Orlando’s Closest Beach

Orlando’s Closest Beach

Feels great to be back blog fam! I had some issues with the site for a while but thankfully we’re finally back up and running and I promise to never ever ever ever ever take my website for granted again. Since Summer is coming to a close I wanted to make my first post back a great recap of the weekend the boy’s and I spent over at Cocoa Beach last weekend. Cocoa Beach is Orlando’s Closest Beach and as such I love taking the boys there because there’s not too much drive time.

Just 45 minutes East of Orlando you’ll find the quiet little community of Cocoa Beach. Driving around the strip the beach has a ton of cute vintage shops as well as several scrumptious local food to partake in. Since I’m currently working two jobs at the moment, taking a little break in the action and having a short beach getaway was just what I needed. The first night we were there we hung out at the pool/pool bar, and walked to the beach to watch the sunset over the water.

Day 2 in Cocoa Beach was full of fun. We stayed at The Hampton Inn on Cocoa Beach and fully took advantage of the free breakfast spread when we woke up. (I’m such a sucker for a waffle bar station and theirs is LEGIT). After breakfast my parents took the boys down to the beach while letting me get some extra sleep, I have been tired ya’ll. I woke up and met them at the pool and we enjoyed that until it was time to get ready for check-out. After check-out we decided to CHECK OUT the area a bit. hahaaha I got jokes. First stop: a HUGE Ron Jon Surf Shop. There was live music, a starbucks within walking distance and a whole FLOOR of custom surf-boards. We literally spent hours walking around the place before Mom and I purchased some matching puka shell bracelets.

When picking a lunch spot, it was really important to me that we try something local that you can’t just find anywhere else, especially being from Orlando where we literally have every chain favorite option. We settled on Long Dogger’s because the restaurant looked super cute on the outside and for a beach spot they seemed to have a rather extensive menu. I got fish tacos and a $5 Sangria and couldn’t have been happier. Their menu mixes in bar food with fresh catches, so while I opted for Blacked Mahi Tacos, my step-dad got a burger that was topped with a split hot dog! No one walked away hungry from Long Doggers, that’s fa’sho.

Our last stop on our little Cocoa getaway was The Dino Store & Museum. Having two little boys, both my kids are OBSESSED with dinosaurs. While the museum was a bit of a reach for their interest, the Adventure Zone was where is was at. So many arcade games that were free to play with the price of admission, plus a live reptile room with a baby alligator and a small movie theater! It was perfect for them to burn off some energy before traveling back inland. I will say tho- if your little ones are REALLY little this isn’t the place for you. They have several HIGHLY BREAKABLE items displayed at toddler height with a “you break it you buy it policy” in the store where you have to purchase your tickets for the attractions in. Aside from almost having to spend $200 on a photo frame filled with taxidermied butterflys, it was an enjoyable tourist experience and a surprising find in a small beach town.

It was a short trip, but a great journey heading over to Florida’s Space Coast and checking out what Cocoa Beach has to offer. Have you been over to Orlando’s Closest Beach?

Oh I also forgot to mention, we walked into a local candy store for some salt water taffy and literally they had an alligator wrangler in the store with two alligators. Cash adored seeing them so closely, my mom- not so much.