Nashville Style Guide

In the past 6 months I have had the pleasure of going to Nashville 3 times! One of my best friends, Haley, moved there in June and ever since I’ve taken every opportunity that presents itself to spend time with her there. Nashville is such an amazing city. Full of great music, culture, food, history… I mean basically you name it they’ve got it. From craft breweries to fancy high-end boutiques and everything in between.

I definitely plan on putting together a must-have list of places to check out on a trip to Nashville, but today I wanted to talk about the style of the city. On my first trip up there I had no clue what to wear but ended up bringing 12 outfits for 3 days and still went shopping while I was there. Now that I’ve been a few times now, I can managed to have styled outfits and not be tempted to spend big bucks in Hillsboro Village.

You can find lots of different unique style all over the city of Nashville, but for the most part, the locals are super casual. Everything is a bit more laid back and a denim jacket can definitely be substituted for a blazer in any setting. Here are some essentials I always bring with me when I’m headed to Tennessee.

A Denim Skirt. My go-to Nashville look is: denim skirt, vans, band tee & flannel. While right now the weather isn’t super great for that exact outfit, a denim skirt still gives you a staple you can mix and match with sweaters and layers throughout your trip.

Vans. When I’m in Nashville I tend to do a LOT of walking. While I love dressing up some sundresses and skirts with heeled booties, they aren’t exactly the most comfortable shoes to walk in, especially when you wanna discover fun new things on foot throughout the city during the daytime. I tend to bring Vans and at least one other casual sneaker option when I visit, so that I have comfortable and versatile shoes that not only look stylish, but also don’t give me blisters.

Wide-Brim Hat. There’s nothing that sets off an outfit more and screams Nashville to me like a wide-brimmed hat. It’s the perfect way to add some personality to a basic outfit without being over-the-top or “too country”. I’ll typically pair my hat with a simple dress, booties, and a denim jacket for an easy and casually cool outfit.

Flannel. Of any variety, often several. Last time I brought a flannel shirt and a flannel dress. It just works out there and makes your outfit super on trend without being overkill honky tonk.

A Denim Jacket. Pretty much a no-brainer here. It’s chillier at night than I’m accustomed to being from Florida, so this is a piece of outerwear I never leave home without.

Easy Dresses. Something I also bring several of on my trips to Nashville. They’re great to layer with cardigans and sweaters when it’s colder, and also look really great with casual sneakers when it’s warmer. I tend to go for flowier ones while I’m in Nashville to hide all the biscuits, bonuts, and fried chicken I tend to consume while there.

Bandana’s. I only own two but I bring both everytime I go. Adding a cute red bandana around your neck gives all basic outfits that extra bit of personality for the city. I also like to add them in my hair as either a headband or tie them around ponytails for a fun way to kick up my hangover hair.

Vintage Band Tees. No doubt about it, vintage band tees are a must have in Music City. I tend to bring 4-5 with me everytime I go. Some of my favorites are from Urban Outfitters, Free People and Wildfox Couture. I like dressing them up with block heels and skirts for a girls night out, but they also are super easy to throw on with sneaks and jeans for a day adventure.

I can’t wait to share some of my favorite spots in Nashville with you soon, but for now I’m loving the casual country style of this amazingly talented city.

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