5 Ways to Valentine’s when You’re Single

I got two Valentine’s: Jose Cuervo & Smirnoff Vodka lol. A lot of single people take the approach of being super anti-Valentine’s day. “Single’s Awareness Day” or whatever. I however, have always loved the holiday, so since it’s my first year celebrating single, I put together of ways to celebrate the holiday as a Single Lady.

  1. INDEPENDENT WOMAN the shit outta yo’self. Buy a fancy dress, a bouquet of flowers, some chocolates, and take yourself out to your favorite restaurant. Instead of sitting through dinner eating a salad so you don’t look like a fatty in front of your date, you can enjoy pizza & pasta & ALL THE M’FING CARBS. If you’re uncomfortable eating alone in a restaurant, bring a book or magazine to have something to keep you busy so you feel less awkward. Point is- you don’t need a man to love you and you CAN enjoy this holiday without one. Do you boo!
  2. Spa Day. Call in hooky from work if you want, but there’s nothing like a little self-care to make you feel amazing and forget about how you’re “supposed” to be sad that you have no one to celebrate this day of love with. Book a facial or a massage or BOTH and spend the day relaxing. I recently got the opportunity to check out Hand & Stone Spa and let me tell you they KNOW how to treat you like the Queen you are!
  3. Party til ya Pass Out. If your preferred Valentine is Vodka, why not take yourself to happy hour and beyond this Thursday? Tons of bars/clubs run singles mixers and specials for singles on Valentine’s day, so hop on Google and see what’s going on in your area. Maybe you’ll find your next ex-boyfriend while you’re out and about, who knows?!
  4. Family Time. This is the route I’m going this year since it is in fact my night with the boys. I’m going to meet my mom in Plant City with the boys and do dinner with an Improv show with my Mama. For starters basically no one will make you feel as loved as your parents and they’re amazing at keeping you company, plus they always pick up the check too! <3 10/10 would recommend family time always when you need a pick-me-up.
  5. Get Shit Done. Probably the least fun sounding of all the options here, but when we get busy with work there’s always something else we could work on. Clean out your car, finally organize your closet or that junk drawer in your kitchen, dust the baseboards, wipe down the fridge. Get some shit done you’ve been putting off. Making yourself feel super productive is a great way to not feel bad about spending the holiday by yourself.

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You should go and love yourself <3 <3 <3

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